Hungry? 9 times out of 10 an entrée, appetizer and dessert will hit the spot, but not today! Today, you’re looking for somewhere bottomless to curb your cravings.

Those who are feeling ambitious are encouraged to toss on a pair of stretchy pants and head to Minas, a Steakhouse in Calgary sure to scratch your all-you-can-eat itch.

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Described as traditionally Brazilian, Minas is an award-winning grill with an extensive menu and – for those with an appetite, a Rodizio option, in which endless amounts of meat and vegetables are brought to your table.

Serving lunch and dinner, customers are encouraged to roll up, pay a flat fee ($45 for lunch or $60 for dinner) and chow down on as many meaty dishes as they can stomach in 2 hours.

“The cuisine served at Minas is rooted in the food culture of Southeast Brazil, where traditional churrasco-style barbecued meats and sausage are served alongside sumptuous local vegetable dishes, including okra, bean dishes, and savoury squash,” they write on their website.

“Chef Jose Montes is committed to the authenticity of real Brazilian food—a fusion cuisine from the beginning—and employs traditional techniques and spicing to bring each dish to the modern palate. At Minas, history is in every bite.”

From pork and chicken to beef and lamb, they’ve got 14 BBQ dishes to choose from – but if you’re sitting down with a vegetarian they’ve also got meatless options as well.

You’re in for a tasty time, Calgary. Enjoy!

Minas Brazilian Steakhouse, Calgary

Where: 136 2 Street SW, Calgary
Instagram: @minassteakhouse