Nestled along the scenic coastline of Quebec, Miguasha National Park stands as a remarkable testament to our planet’s prehistoric past. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a unique opportunity to journey back in time, revealing the mysteries of life that once thrived in the ancient seas.

Renowned for its exceptionally well-preserved fossils, Miguasha National Park is a paleontological marvel. The park’s fossils date back over 380 million years, capturing an era when our world was vastly different. Famed for its rich collection of fish and plant fossils, it provides a vivid glimpse into the evolution of aquatic life during the Devonian period.

What makes the park even cooler is the fact that the fossils found here have not only expanded the world’s understanding of early vertebrates but have also allowed scientists to piece together the complex puzzle of evolution. And you can see it for yourself!

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By stepping inside the park’s indoor exhibition you’ll get to walk among some of the very best specimens found at Miguasha. You’ll also get to learn the history of the park’s earlier researchers as well as its journey to becoming a protected area.


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Outside you’ll find a living breathing museum with a striking landscape of long beaches and rocky cliffs. These cliffs are where the fossils come from and for that reason you are allowed to look but not touch no matter how tempting it may be. This is also for your safety as the rock cliff face is quite fragile.

After you explore the beach you can wander “The Evolution of Life” hiking trail which has discovery panels throughout that tell you the story of life on Earth.

Tours are available in French for both the indoor exhibits and the fossil beach below the park’s centre.

Whether you’re an avid paleontology enthusiast, a curious traveler, or seeking an educational adventure, Miguasha National Park promises an unforgettable experience.

Miguasha National Park

Where: 231 Rte de Miguasha O, Nouvelle, QC G0C 2E0
Hours: May 29th-October 13th, Daily 9 AM-5 PM
Cost: $11.91+

Information on Miguasha National Park is from Sépaq and is accurate as of publication date.