Have you ever dreamed of visiting a remote island full of thriving forests, a spectacular waterfall and geographical wonders? Quebec’s Anticosti Island is just that. The natural wonderland is a 7,943-km2 territory nestled in the heart of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence river, and is the perfect adventure for those seeking to explore untouched wilderness.

This hidden gem, while remote is managed by Sépaq (Société des établissements de plein air du Québec).

With its untouched landscapes, Anticosti Island is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Visitors will discover the remains of shipwrecks, and observe seals, deer and birds among other wildlife. Exploration over land leads to Chute Vauréal, a spectacular waterfall, cascades, and Grotte à la Patate, a cave.

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The island boasts diverse ecosystems, from dense boreal forests to dramatic coastal cliffs, meaning you have all sorts of different areas to explore.


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There are endless opportunities for activities like hiking, kayaking, and wildlife photography. Or explore the beaches and see if you can find any fossils.


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It’s important to keep in mind that Anticosti Island has a main season which runs from June 20th and ends on August 30th. After August, activities and accommodation services are limited. As for where to stay the island has several inns, lodges and cabins in which you can choose from or you can of course camp. Prices for inns, lodges, cabins and camping vary.

As for getting to the island you have the choice of flying into Port Menier Airport or taking a ferry service. While not the easiest island to access, you will certainly have an unforgettable experience and plenty of stories to tell.

Anticosti Island

Where: Côte-Nord, Quebec

Information on Anticosti Island is from Sépaq and is accurate as of publication date.