Have you ever wondered what lays below Montreal? It turns out there’s a whole cave system and that you can actually visit it and explore it. Caverne de St-Léonard is an unforgettable spelunking adventure that you can have in the middle of the city and here’s how.

According to Spéléo Québec, Caverne de St-Léonard was originally discovered by a farmer in either 1811 or 1812. However, the cave is significantly older, having been formed during the widening of preexisting cracks in the surrounding limestone during the passage of glaciers, about 15,000 years ago. Its glaciotectonic origin makes it unique among caves in the area.

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What makes it even more unique is the fact that it is full of fossils that are more than 450 million years old. So not only do you get to explore an inner city cave system but you also get to see direct evidence of pre historic life on earth. Talk about cool!


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The caverne is only accessible via a guided tour with spéléologists. Tours can be booked online daily and are available seasonally from June until October. Tours are in French, however, an English tour is offered once a week on either a Thursday or Saturday.

As the caverne is usually 5°C, you are asked to bring warm, long sleeve clothes. Additionally they ask that you wear rain boots or bring spare shoes as your feet will be wet and don’t forget some gloves. Keep in mind you will be provided a helmet and headlamp and taking pictures it encouraged.

With that, plan ahead and book your tours now. Happy spelunking!

Caverne de St-Léonard

Where: Parc Pie XII, 5200 boulevard Lavoisier, Saint-Léonard, QC
Hours: Tours available daily June-October
Cost: $19+

Information on Caverne de St-Léonard is from Spéléo Québec and is accurate as of publication date.