Earlier this year, one of Toronto’s most unique food pop-ups got a permanent location. And now, Members Only NSFW waffles is dropping another X-rated new “member.”

To recap, Members Only took Toronto by storm last August with all sorts of provocative Instagram posts that were pretty ingenious. The phallic waffles are now available on Queen Street West, and for Pride Month, they are introducing The Majesty.

Each Majesty comes topped with gelato from Death In Venice Gelato, and a drizzle of your preferred chocolate, and sprinkles!

As for the shape of the Majesty, well… It is certainly on brand for Members Only.

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The new sweet dessert will be available starting this weekend, along with its classics for whenever you feel like you need a mouthful. You can get your hands on classics like the Plain Johnson for $8, the Founding Member for $9, and the VIP for $10.

Besides the waffle itself, the shop (and outside of it) is also perfectly Instagrammable.

Don’t forget your napkins on the way out.

Members Only Waffle House

Where: 252 Queen Street West
Hours: Thursday & Friday 3 pm-9 pm, Saturday 12 pm-8 pm, Sunday 12 pm-6 pm