From Oh Snow You Didn’t to You’re a Blizzard, Harry – this year, the Calgary Snow Plows will be clearing our streets in style as they’ve each been fitted with a brand new name tag gifted to them by classrooms and creative YYC tykes.

As announced back in November, the City held a competition where Calgary’s youth was tasked with naming all 78 vehicles in hopes of getting the community involved and the results are in!

Calgary asked and wow, did the kids deliver, with nearly 1,700 submissions sent in from parents and classrooms all over the city.

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“We’d like to thank our students of all ages who helped us name our snowplows,” Chris McGeachy, spokesperson for the City of Calgary Roads wrote in a press release.

“We saw so many unique names, and while we couldn’t use them all, we can tell that the kids in our city are creative and have many interests.”

From the creative and education to the bold and hilarious, some of these names are wild and we genuinely hope will live on for years to come – because they nailed it. 

So without further adieu from A – Z, here are the names of your 2022 Calgary Snow Plows!

Photo via The City of Calgary

Amazing, right? Now go forth and start Calgary Snow plow-spotting. You’ve got names to start crossing off your bingo cards now, friends!

Enjoy and congrats to all that had their names chosen.