Breakfast beers? Breakfast beers!? Just the thought alone strikes fear into the heart of many a die hard sports fan. But, Molson may have come up with a solution- a new line of ‘beerup’ that they’re producing exclusively for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Their rationale is pretty straightforward. Due to the time difference, the majority of medal ceremonies and finals this year will take place between 5AM and 10AM in Canada, which is not exactly the ideal time to be cracking open a cold one. So instead, Molson partnered up with Canadian maple syrup producer Bretelles, to create not one, but three different kinds of ‘beerup’.

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Naturally, the range follows Molson’s own options. The Molson Ultra-infused syrup is the ‘Golden Grade’, the classic Molson Canadian option is ‘Amber Grade’, and the ‘Dark Grade’ has got none other than a little Molson Export in it. Don’t worry about overdoing it on the pancakes, either- each can of this liquid gold contains less than 0.05% ABV.

Image via Molson Canadian

Of course, the hardest part here will be getting your hands on one! Those hoping to try Molson’s ‘beerup’ line can enter to win one starting on February 4th on the official Molson Beerup webpage. And, even if you don’t win, take solace in the fact that Molson will be donating $5 CAD for every entry to the Canadian Olympic Foundation, capping out at $10,000.

And boy, if you do manage to get your hands on one? You’re in for one heckuva breakfast while the Olympics are on!