If you haven’t named an inanimate object, we’re not sure that you can be trusted. Whether it’s a car, a comforter, or a fake plant, there’s just something fulfilling about being the one to give something without a face a personality – which is why this winter, the city of Calgary is challenging local kids to name their snow plows.

Of course, because everything is more fun in a team, the city is encouraging teachers to work with their classes as well as all parents to come up with something fun!

If one of the 100 chosen, the plows’ name will not only appear on Calgary’s fleet map (which can be found here) but will also be displayed on the side of the plow itself.

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For those of you with a creative bunch or a clever kid at home, you can submit as many original names as you’d like on the city’s website here. 

You can also find coloring sheets – which the city encourages you to submit here, and more information about the Calgary snowplows – for those who are curious.

The Calgary snowplow contest closes November 30th though, so hop to it folks. Those bad boys won’t name themselves!