In the world of fast food and convenience, there are few things worse than running to McDonald’s with a hankering for a large fry and Smartie McFlurry just to find out that the ice cream machine is broken… again. This, of course, can be a disappointment of the past with McBroken – a nifty website where working locations across North America are pinned on an easy-to-navigate map.

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From Vancouver and Calgary to Toronto and beyond, McBroken is constantly updated and has even been used by competitors – such as Jack In the Box, as a way to egg the franchise on.

While it’s been joked about by everyone – including McDonald’s themself in a tweet from 2020 – broken ice cream machines have caused quite the stir.

In fact, the franchise was recently under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission for the issue.

Luckily, until things are ironed out – we have McBroken and creator Rashiq Zahid – who deserves a whole lot of praise for pulling this off.

It’s true what they say – not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they wear ball caps and have degrees in engineering.