Chef Matty Matheson is known and loved for many things. Whether you’re a fan of one of his many restaurants, hilarious cooking videos, informative cookbooks or his role in the Emmy Award Winning show “The Bear,” Matty Matheson has made his mark around Toronto and Canada – and he has a new venture.

The Canadian Chef recently launched Matheson Food Company – featuring seven mouth-watering sauces and dressings. Here are all the details.

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The company

Matheson took to social media in January to announce the launch of Matheson Food Company.

Matheson Food Company’s website lists the products as pantry staples. According to Matheson, “I always felt we needed to have sauces and dressings that taste the way I cook.”

“I wanted people anywhere and everywhere to have my big, punchy flavours in their homes. Our Green Olive is an ode to my mother-in-law, Carol. Our BBQ sauce is based off my dad’s original for ribs and chicken. Our Caesar dressing is so fire with lettuce and meats. I tested so many batches before landing on the tastiest ones for you.”

The products

The product line includes 4 salad dressings and 3 BBQ sauces. Each dressing and sauce is listed with words that best describe them. The salad dressings include:

  • Greek – herby, punch, acidic
  • Balsamic- smooth, tangy, bright
  • Green Olive – earthy, tangy, nice
  • Italian – aromatic, zesty, crisp

The BBQ sauces are:

  • Original – traditional, simple, good
  • Maple Molasses – homestyle, tangy, sweet
  • Heater – a little sweet, spicy

Where to buy

According to Matheson Food Company’s website, their products can be found at Longos, Farm Boy, IGA and all independent grocers across Canada.

And of course, Matheson includes some easy-to-follow recipes on the Matheson Food Company website that include some of their products.

Which sauce or dressing are you going to grab first?