Canada’s very own Jeopardy! mega-champ Mattea Roach secured her 21st win on Tuesday and while it’s clear that extraordinary talent is what got her this far, the final clue on Tuesday’s show was an easy one for any Canadian.

By then, 23-year-old Roach was already far ahead of the competition. But, she was likely pleased to see that she’d be ending on a high note thanks to her Canadian roots.

The final clue was: “‘Terre de nos aïeux’ follows the title in the French version of this anthem.”

Those of us who grew up singing the national anthem in school every morning don’t need to think twice about this one, which Roach quickly answered, “What is ‘O Canada’?”

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Even the host Ken Jennings knew that it would be a no-brainer for Roach. “I have to think Mattea might know some of the lyrics to ‘O Canada’,” he said.

The Halifax-born tutor bet $4,999 on the question, bringing her final total to $29,599. In second place was Enver Casimir with a finishing sum of $17,800.

With 21 wins in a row, Roach now has the fifth-longest streak of any Jeoaprdy! contestant, and the longest of any Canadian.

The young champion currently lives and works in Toronto as a tutor. According to her LinkedIn, she graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.A. in sexual diversity studies and political science.

Every game night, Mattea’s family, friends, and even her high school debate coach gather around to watch her compete, according to CBC News. Little did they know how long this viewing party tradition would last!