If you like local sports then chances are that you already know that yesterday both Marshawn Lynch and Macklemore became minority owners of the Seattle Kraken. With fun local celebrity news comes the internet and all of its opinions and reactions.

So without further ado, here are the best reactions to Marshawn Lynch & Macklemore joining the Seattle Kraken.

Lynch is understandably excited about his new team and the best way to celebrate is with some donuts on ice. We too would like to know the feeling of spinning in circles on a Zamboni.

Oop a little Macklemore blast on this one.

And more.

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An interesting thought indeed.

And of course, the universal agreement that Lynch is truly going beast mode.

It looks like Macklemore will have to have another “Thrift Shop” moment to regain popularity in the eyes of Seattleites. But that being said, it’s still an exciting day and we can’t wait to see all of the fun that this celeb duo has with the Seattle Kraken.