Credited for outfitting every 30-something soccer mom of the modern age, North America’s most popular athleisure and lifestyle brand spun $20 of fabric into an empire – and Karens have mercy on all those who dare threaten its spot on the throne. Hold on to your overpriced leggings, Canada, because Lululemon and Peloton have declared war – and the reason, is honestly confusing AF.

From clap backs and lawsuits, the Canadian behemoth has played the role of spandex gatekeeper, despite there only being so many ways that you can design and market a plain black sports bra.

This week, the Vancouver-based apparel company filed a lawsuit against Peloton for selling what they call, knock-off Lululemon. In the suit, Lululemon states that ‘five Peloton-branded women’s bra and legging products’ infringe upon six Lululemon patents.

Lulu also claims that one of its best-selling items, the Align Pant, has been copied by Peloton’s One Luxe Tight product. Now, if this Lululemon-Peloton lawsuit sounds unfounded, at the very least, it’s not surprising.

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This is because it was only a week ago that Peloton took legal action first, taking to the Manhattan federal court to protect their products against Lululemon after they sent them a cease and desist letter that claimed they infringed 5 of their products.

But wait, there’s more.

You see, their non-GMO, grass-fed beef, actually started a long time ago – when the two actually had a branding relationship.

We’re not entirely sure why, but the two decided to part ways, calling the split amicable.


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However, after the split, they both launched items in the other’s lane. Lululemon purchased MIRROR to enter the at-home equipment game (what Peloton was known for) and Peloton with their apparel line (what Lululemon was known for).

Despite subtle digs and warnings, the gloves have come off – and now lawyers are involved so it’ll be interesting to see where this goes.