Of all the places to have the longest enclosed pedestrian bridge in the world, you may not have guessed that it would be in Pickering.

But indeed, the city just east of Toronto holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest enclosed pedestrian bridge anywhere on Earth.

The bridge is 250 metres long and was completed back in 2018. It crosses 14 lanes of Canada’s busiest highway, the 401, as well as six live rail tracks, and a two-lane roadway.

At night, the bridge is lit up by nearly 300 LED lights, “giving its organic shape a beautiful, soft glow,” according to the description of the world record.

That means that Pickering’s pedestrian bridge has joined the likes of Mount Everest, Vatican City, Kilauea Volcano, and Yellowstone National Park as an esteemed World Record holder.

The Pickering landmark received the accolade for having the longest enclosed pedestrian bridge in the world back in 2021.

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“Mayor and Members of Council successfully lobbied the senior levels of government and Metrolinx to approve and fund the bridge over a decade ago,” wrote the City of Pickering on Instagram at the time.

“Now, it is officially recognized as an international and world class landmark.”

You’ll find this incredible enclosed bridge at the Pickering GO Station.

So whether you’re commuting in the GTA or simply looking for something unique to do indoors, this fascinating landmark is worth checking out.

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