When it comes to record-breaking achievements, the Guinness World Records covers it all. From extreme weight lifting to the largest collection of lip balms – to every single talent and factoid you could possibly imagine.

The 2023 edition includes some truly unique achievements, including the largest frozen hair competition in the world. The title-holder? None other than the hair freezing contest by Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs in Yukon.

While the province is known for its beautiful natural landscape and outdoor adventures, we think this hair-freezing competition definitely warrants some praise. After all, it’s not every day that 288 people take a dip in the dead of wintertime and let the air work its magic!

Photo via The Takhini Hot Springs Hair Freezing Contest

The contest

Although the freezing air (below -20°C) did the heavy lifting, so to speak, it was the participants that brought creativity to their individual and group hairstyles.

According to Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs, the competition began back in 2011 at Takhini Hot Springs on the border of Whitehorse, Yukon. What started as a local contest has now skyrocketed into a globally recognized competition – and dare we say it, a viral hit.

Photo via The Takhini Hot Springs Hair Freezing Contest

According to the contest’s website, 5 winners were selected out of the 288 submissions for Best Male, Best Female, Best Group, Tim Hortons’ Most Creative, and Nongshim Noodles People’s Choice Award.

The name listed in this year’s Guinness World Records, however, is “Best Female” Nanae Takano, according to a press release. The win comes on the heels of her two previous victories.

You can view the full list of winners of the globally-recognized hair freezing competition here.

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The record-holder

Largest frozen hair competition 2

Photo via Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs/Guinness World Records 2023

Wondering how to freeze your own hair this year? Check out the contest’s step-by-step guide for achieving photo-worthy frozen hair at the hot springs. The organizers suggest waiting for an outside temperature of below -20°C – and don’t worry – freezing your hair won’t damage it!

And that’s all we’ve got for now, folks. We hope you found this as awe-inspiring and entertaining as we did!