It’s hard to get by on minimum wage in this city. Thankfully, there are many certified living wage employers in Toronto who pay their staff according to the current living wage, which is far higher than $15.50 an hour.

According to the Ontario Living Wage Network (OLWN), these employers “pay all direct and indirect employers the living wage rate for the region(s) in which they operate.”

This is an official designation given to participating companies by OLWN. Employers are required to sign a licence agreement and pay an annual employer certification fee to keep their certification.

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One of them is Juno College of Technology, which was also among the first companies in the city to make their 4-day work week permanent.

OLWN’s most recent report states that workers must earn at least $23.15 per hour to comfortably make ends meet in the Greater Toronto Area.

In an email to Curiocity, OLWN shared a list of Toronto’s current certified living wage employers. Here they are below!

  • Media Profile Inc.
  • Second Harvest
  • CAYR Community Connections
  • Canadian Roots Exchange
  • Sugarmoon
  • BRL Realty Limited
  • Art Metropole
  • Left Field Brewery
  • Sun Life Financial
  • Garden Party
  • SvN Architects + Planners Inc.
  • Culinary Tourism Alliance
  • InBenefits
  • Fluency Digital Agency
  • FoodShare Toronto

  • O.O.S. Medical
  • Buy Social Canada
  • Fair Trade Jewellery Company Ltd.
  • The Stop Community Food Centre’
  • Toronto Arts Council/Toronto Arts Foundation
  • The Greater Strategy Consulting Inc.
  • Anandam Dancetheatre
  • Modern Rascals
  • Emma’s Country Kitchen
  • Stephen Lewis Foundation
  • Sweetpea’s Floral Studio
  • Grape Witches Inc.
  • Red Tape Brewery Inc.
  • Jackman Reinvention Inc
  • Demo For Your Reno Inc
  • The Drop Distribution
  • The Canadian Council of Churches
  • Loretto Sisters Canada
  • Ontario Prevention Clinic / The PrEP Clinic
  • Juno College of Technology
  • Up With Women
  • Art & Water
  • Entourage Health Corp
  • Superior Description Services
  • 32M
  • C Magazine
  • Beast Restaurant Inc
  • Perkins&Will
  • TIAO – Tourism Industry Association of Ontario
  • Clavis Social Inc.

  • Something in the Water Inc.
  • Fourth Pig Green & Natural Construction
  • Domestic Divas Cleaning Co.
  • Malleable Jewellers
  • United Way Greater Toronto
  • JDavis Painting
  • York Heritage Properties
  • Chimera Collective
  • Studio Sophomore Inc.
  • Grassriots Inc
  • Barque Smokehouse
  • St.Clare’s Multifaith Housing Society
  • Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd.
  • Canadian Finance and Leasing Association
  • Stephen Thomas Ltd (ST)
  • Saul Good Gift Co
  • KPM Power Inc.
  • Gotcare
  • Soul Chocolate
  • Northern Lines
  • Briteweb
  • Vista Tree Management Inc.
  • Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll)

If you’re looking for a higher-paying job, you can check out the job openings that these companies have available.