Alberta has some incredible sights, but few are as surprising as Lake Minnewanka, a gorgeous spot in the Canadian Rockies with a ghostly secret hidden just under its pristine surface.

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Known for its brilliant blue water and incredible surroundings, Lake Minnewanka or Minn-waki (Lake of Spirits), is a spot unlike anything else in the area.

According to Parks Canada, this used to be the site of the Beach House, a vacation spot that quickly grew to an entire townsite known as Minnewanka Landing.

With four avenues and three streets, this beloved village had shops, and restaurants and even offered sailing tours aboard two cruise boats, the “Lady of the Lake”, and “Daughter of the Peaks.”


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In 1912, however, everything changed when a nearby dam partially submerged the townsite. This was the beginning of the end as later, another dam was built completely flooding the area in 1941.

Now, scuba divers from all over the world visit the area in hopes of seeing what was – a vibrant town frozen in time under the lake.

Preserved incredibly by the ice-cold water, those with proper training can explore 10 dive sites, which include the old hotel, sidewalks, cellars and several housing foundations.

Can’t dive? No worries, as we mentioned – Lake Minnewanka is still something to write home about from the shoreline or from the boats and paddleboards that set sail every summer.

It really one of the most unique places in the province, so check it out and don’t forget your scuba gear! It’s truly amazing.

Lake Minnewanka Ghost Town

Where: Improvement District No. 9, AB