Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to travel to the edge of the continent to experience a voyage on the deep blue. This spring, climb aboard The Lake Minnewanka Cruise ship in Alberta and enjoy stunning views without having to go through security or the trouble of packing an overnight bag.

While this is no week-long excursion across the Caribbean, the Lake Minnewanka Cruise is an incredibly magical experience and unlike anything, you may have experienced in or around the province before.

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With a family-friendly trip, as well as an 18+ option (where beer and spirits will be provided during the trip), this Rocky Mountain ride will see that your hair is windblown, that you’re fed, and – if you choose to take the booze cruise, that you’re hydrated and loose.

Watch for wildlife, take photos, and have a picnic lunch before or after to make a day of it, or sample some of the best local brewskis that Alberta has to offer! It’s all about seas-ing the day!


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The Lake Minnewanka Cruise officially sets sail this Friday, May 12th, 2023, with their ‘beer voyage’ hitting the water on the 19th of May – so check it out!

Tickets are available now – so head over to their website and tag us in any posts about your adventure.

It’s a-boat time you treat yourself!


When: Friday, May 12th, 2023
Where: Lake Minnewanka, 10 mins outside Banff
Cost: $51 +