We’ve said it once and we’ll say it a million times more, Wild Rose Country is a stunning province full of surprises, but there are few things that a fan of the outdoors loves more than taking the scenic route!

Located in eastern Alberta, the Iron Horse Trail is a 300-kilometre passage that follows an abandoned railroad and weaves through parkland, boreal forests, wetlands and sand dunes.

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According to Travel Alberta, the trail has existed in its ‘relatively natural state’ since the 1920s and is the longest completed section of the Trans-Canada Trail in the province.

However, while this is impressive, the path was well-travelled for centuries even before then and is believed to be the oldest in the province.

“Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail has been an integral part of that history since the 1700s,” experts wrote.

“From the Aboriginal and Métis people of Canada who used this trail, to the early fur traders traversing this land towards the trading posts of Fort George and Buckingham House, to the Red River Cart brigades that are a symbol of our settler history.”

The coolest part? Not only is there plenty to see along the way including the Metis Crossing, Anshaw Historic Site, and the Heinsburg Watertower, you can explore using your two feet or aboard a bike, snowmobile, ATV, wagon, and horse.

Of course, no matter how you decide to start your adventure, it’s important to be kind and respectful!

This is an important trail and there’s truly nothing else quite like it.

The Iron Horse Trail, Alberta

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