These days you can order anything at the press of a button or more realistically the swipe of a finger. That’s why it’s always fun to see what people in Seattle are ordering for convenience sake. Here are Seattle’s top unique ordered items from Instacart.

The grocery delivery and pick-up service provided Curiocity with data on which items Seattleites are ordering. They are as follows:

  1. Aromatherapy Diffusers (+1062%)
  2. Lady Apples (+535%)
  3. Tangerines (+371%)
  4. Unflavored Vodka (+321%)
  5. India Pale Ale (+273%)

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What do these ordering habits say about Seattle? We’ll let you decide. It looks like our city needs to clear the air and also enjoy something a little sweet as well as take the edge off. We’re just hoping that no one is putting either of listed alcohols in their new aromatherapy diffusers.

Have any ideas as to what Seattleites will be into ordering next year? We’ll hope the new list is equally as diverse. Maybe it’ll include something a little more PNW, like smoked salmon or cherries.