Whether you were a regular or just stumbled across it one day in Kits, Hundy was one of the spots in the city where you couldn’t help but think about your next visit. So, hearing that not only was it returning, but with a whole new concept attached, was a very sweet treat to hear.

For reference, Hundy was originally created as an offshoot inside Their There, a popular bakery and cafe in Kitsilano. Originally opening back in 2017, Hundy became known for a small but delicious menu that included burgers, chicken sandwiches, and drinks. Straightforward, to be sure, but oh so tasty.

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However, the concept went comms dark last summer, and it wasn’t until recently that the future was revealed. As of this week, Hundy will now be operating out of Yaletown, on Homer Street. But, its return is only part of the reason we’re so excited.

That’s because in the back of the space, curious visitors might stumble upon a new speakeasy concept, called The Stock Room. Here, visitors can expect a range of creative and classic cocktails to enjoy, along with a selection of Hundy’s own menu and even a range of snacks from Lucky’s Exotic Bodega.

Both of these new concepts in Vancouver are now open! Make sure to check them out, and make sure to keep things one hundred while you do. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.

Hundy x The Stock Room

When: Now open!
Where: 1144 Homer Street