If you’re among the many that could benefit from seeing a couple of extra dollars enter your bank account, a little relief could be on its way! Set to go into effect later this month, the government recently shared more details of the new Alberta Affordability Payment plan and here’s what you need to know.


Meant to help eligible Albertans, the government of Alberta has developed a new payment plan in which eligible Albertans will receive $100 per month to help pay bills and feed their families.

These payments will begin on January 31st, 2023 and reoccur for a total of 6 months after the initial installment.

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Not everyone, however, can apply. According to their website, the following people are considered eligible and may submit their information to the government:

  • Parents or guardians of dependent children who are under 18, are Alberta residents and have a total household income of under $180,000.
  • Seniors – age 65 years or older
  • Alberta residents
  • Alberta residents who receive AISH, Income Support, Alberta Seniors Benefit or are considered a person with developmental disabilities (PDD)


Do any of the above pertain to you? Great news, the next steps are simple.

Anytime between January 18th and June 30, 2023, head over to the government’s website and create or sign in to your existing Alberta.ca account.

Once there, head to the secure portal and answer their series of eligibility questions. You will need a government-issued ID and your SIN number.  If, of course, you prefer direct deposit, you’ll also need your banking information.


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Follow the prompts and congrats! You will have successfully signed up – it really is that easy.

Alberta’s government has heard loud and clear that families, seniors and vulnerable Albertans need relief, and the approach we’ve taken ensures they get that support now,” said Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation in a press release.

“We have designed a secure system that will allow eligible Albertans to apply for benefits quickly and easy. Our top priorities during development of the inflation relief portal were privacy, security and accessibility. I’m proud of the work our civil servants have done over the last two months to bring this much-needed program to life.”

Have any more questions? We’d recommend visiting their official Alberta Affordability Payments landing page and having a good scroll-through. Good luck, and we hope this helps.