Just when you thought you’d seen all the best beaches in Ontario, we’ve got a lesser-known destination to add to your bucket list — Horseshoe Beach in Pukaskwa National Park!

This beautiful beach is “secluded by boreal forest and flanked with rolling granite,” says Parks Canada.

The tucked-away beach is said to be a treasured “secret” of this national park for its golden sand and refreshing emerald lake water.

It’s described as an “idyllic summer getaway on the shores of Lake Superior” — an accessible boardwalk and rolling dune hills will take you from the beach to the nearby Hattie Cove Campground.

Wave-beaten driftwood is scattered all along the shore, and it’s fun to stroll in the sand and observe all of their unique shapes and sizes.

Sandcastles “beg to be built” in the smooth golden sand and during the peak summer months, it is the perfect spot for laying out, relaxing, and soaking up the sun.

This beach is open from May until mid-October, and July and August tend to be the busiest months.

Pukaskwa National Park is a nature lover’s paradise, with endless opportunities for hiking, camping, and observing wildlife.

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The park is also home to a swaying suspension bridge across a roaring waterfall!

This swaying bridge soars 23 metres above the powerful Chigamiwinigum Falls, providing jaw-dropping views as you cross.

Parks Canada describes it as a “natural escape with an adrenaline-pumping twist.”

This scenery will definitely make you want to plan a return, especially because this is only the beginning of the famous 60-kilometre Coastal Hiking Trail at Pukaskwa.

We’re over halfway through summer, so now is the time to seize the moment and see these majestic sights for yourself!

Horseshoe Beach

When: Open until mid-October 2023
Where: Pukaskwa National Park, Heron Bay, Ontario