Calling all thrill-seeking explorers! Limehouse Conservation Area is an incredible destination along The Bruce Trail and it has a “Hole in the Wall” ladder that will take you down into a labyrinth of escarpment rock.

This park is home to pristine forests and winding creeks, with hiking trails and boardwalks through the mossy woods.

You’ll wander past ruins of the old mill and lime kilns which date back to the 1840s, according to Destination Ontario.

Most notably, this park contains fascinating rock formations that were left behind by glaciers thousands of years ago.

The main attraction is the “Hole in the Wall,” which is a landscape of caves and crevices of escarpment rock that you can explore.

You will use a ladder to descend into this natural labyrinth, where you can navigate your way through the limestone rock walls.

This area contains all kinds of narrow cracks and crevices, creating an amazing natural maze that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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Once you’ve had your fun in the “Hole in the Wall,” you can admire the historic stone bridge over Black Creek.

Also along the way is a historic powder house.

From the outside, this structure looks like a jail cell in the woods, but back in the day it stored the blasting powder that was used to break the limestone, says Ontario Hiking.

Not only will you be immersed in one of Ontario’s last-remaining old-growth forests, but you will also get firsthand experience in geological history.

The best part? It’s less than an hour outside of Toronto!

Start the car, friends — we’re going on a day trip.

Limehouse Conservation Area

Where: 12169 Fifth Line, Limehouse, Ontario