You’ve hiked, biked and ran this summer – but what’s next now that your legs are tired from all that exploration? How about a scenic drive through the Rockies! Before the sunny season has come and gone, check out Highwood Pass, the highest (and best) paved road in Canada.

At an astounding elevation of 2,206 metres, or 7,273 feet above sea level, Highwood Pass offers incredible views of the mountains, trees and lakes below.

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Whether you’re headed to Calgary, Canmore or Banff, this magical route serves as the ultimate photo op and will take your next road trip from good to great (if you’ve got the time, of course.)

Want to check it out? Though it’s closed to vehicles between December and mid-June every for wildlife migration, Highwood Pass lies west of Mount Rae and Mount Arethusa just south of the Elbow Pass.

To reach the summit, drivers are encouraged to make their way to Highway 40, then can head south through Kananaskis Village and towards Peter Lougheed Park – but come prepared!


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In addition to a killer playlist, be sure to bring snacks, a friend and a camera. The really is one of the most magical in the province and you’ll want to capture and share it.

Sold? Be sure to tag us in your photos! After all, there’s nothing quite like travelling the highest (and best) paved road in Canada.

Be safe and enjoy!

Highwood Pass – Alberta

Where: See directions from Edmonton here or Calgary here

Before embarking on your journey to the destination above, we kindly advise you to review the provincial Air Quality Index due to wildfires. Should you choose to assist those affected by the wildfires, please do so here. Stay safe and take care, Alberta!