Update: As of September 26th, The City of Pickering has cancelled The Haunting of Hexwood event “due to significant health and safety concerns” associated with the venue.

Are you brave enough to enter the town of Hexwood? Enter if you dare, because you may never return again.

If you are looking forward to an extra-spooky Halloween season this year, we’ve got great news.

A massive film set is being transformed into an entire town dedicated to scaring the bejeezus out of you.

The experience, called The Haunting of Hexwood, is located in the Pickering area and will open for the season on October 6th.

The “unsettlingly authentic haunted experience” is a “meticulously crafted town” featuring a gas station, town hall, shops, and a diner.

“Be truly immersed into the not-so-ordinary life of Hexwood and its cursed residents,” the description says.

This 23-acre town has been infiltrated by the dreadful “Woodkin,” who are sinister forest creatures that feed on innocent townspeople.

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“Chilling terrors” will await you around every corner as you explore this spook-tacular place.

In total, the town features four walk-through haunts, as well as 13 store haunts and activations.

There will also be a haunted Town Square Bar and nostalgic diner — we’ll have the witches’ brew on the rocks, please!

And of course, there will be photo ops, live entertainment, and terrifying scares everywhere you go.

So, be prepared to run from the evil Woodkin with your bravest pals and have a night of fright that you won’t soon forget.

The Haunting of Hexwood

When: October 6th to 31st, 2023 (daily starting on October 26th)
Where: 3800 Sideline 32, Pickering, Ontario