The season for all things horrifying, terrifying, and downright spooky is almost upon us. That means it’s time to start planning your next Halloween adventure. There’s a haunted forest ride in Ontario and it’s gearing up to give you the thrill of your life.

Reapers Realm is located in Sombra, Ontario – less than four hours away from Toronto. But don’t let the drive spook you!

According to Reapers Realm, legend has it that back in the 1800s when St Clair Township began to settle into a farming community, the local forest was cut down as the demand for land grew high.

“The heart of the forest was known as the realm that was said to be protected by supernatural forces. The closer the settlers got to the realm horrible unexplainable accidents and disappearances occurred. The settlers marked the trees around the realm with a R as a warning to those not to enter this cursed place. Legend says on fall nights the screams of these settlers can still be heard today.”

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Now if that story puts you in the mood for Halloween, you’re all set to experience this thrilling ride.

Visitors can expect this multi-attraction outdoor event to be filled with all the fun things carnivals are known to have.

The event kicks off on September 30th so make sure to grab your tickets early.

For the haunted ride and haunted houses combo, prices start at $30 while the ride and two haunted houses on their own start at $20 each. You’ll get more bang for your buck if you opt for the main package.

It’s important to note that all tickets must be used on the night they are purchased. Now, this is a new haunted experience worth the trip!

Reaper’s Realm

When: Opens September 30th
Where: 2305 Tecumseh Rd, Sombra, ON
Cost: Starting at $20