Enter if you dare into the largest haunted attraction in Canada. Haunt Manor is coming to Ontario this spooky season and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Get ready to embark on terrifying hay rides and tip-toe (or run) your way through the scariest haunted houses you’ve ever experienced.

This year, Haunt Manor will be introducing brand-new experiences that are sure to send chills up your spine.

That includes the Redsaw Lab Haunted Hayride, described as a new “experiment” deep in the woods.

Luckily for you, you’ll be the experiment’s first test subject *insert evil laugh here*.

“A hacking and sawing is heard deep in the woods from within Redsaw Labs,” the description says.

“The human experimental procedures were thought to have stopped and shuttered since the 1900s Circus incident.”

“You are taken deep into the abandoned manor estate, will you escape the terrors unfolding?”

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Three new haunted wagons will be introduced to Haunt Manor this year, as well as the new Hollywood Horror Story, Clown World, and Haunted Diner experiences.

The Late Night Stage Fright will be coming back with new music, and a new restaurant, merch area, and beer garden will be added this year.

That means you’ll be able to grab a pint and shake off those jitters before braving your next adventure.

Haunt Manor will open for the season on September 30th and will welcome visitors throughout October.

It’s said to be the number-one Halloween event in the country, so we have high expectations.

If we aren’t shaking in our boots by the end of the night, we’re asking for our money back.

We’ll see you there, friends. Unless you’re too chicken!

Haunt Manor

When: September 30th to October 29th, 2023 (dates and times vary)
Where9387 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls