It’s just a simple fact- you know at least one person who, at some point in their life, decided to move to Australia for a few months to travel around and work while they’re at it. Call it self-discovery, call it an Endless Summer knockoff… whatever the case, prior to the pandemic, working holidays in Australia were a very popular idea. Especially for Canadians.

Well, starting on December 1st, the country is bringing back that option! Basically, these working holiday visas are for folks wanting to hang out in the country (and work) for an extended amount of time. Once travellers get this status, they are eligible to travel around Australia, working when required, for up to 12 months before returning home.

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Of course, the pandemic means a few new caveats to keep in mind. First up, in order to be eligible applicants must be fully vaccinated with Australia-approved vaccines. You’ll also only be able to travel, without having to quarantine, to 3 Australian regions at first. This could change in the future as domestic travel restrictions change, but that’s the deal right now. There are a few more requirements to keep in mind, but these are kind of the big two.

Even still, we know more than a few Canadians are not feeling the wintry vibe, and Australia is about to enter summer! If you feel like now’s the time to take a pseudo-sabbatical for a few months, this option could be perfect for you.

For more information about Working Holidays in Australia, as well as how to get on that boat yourself, head to the official Government of Australia website.