Well, it’s official — Justin Trudeau has secured his place as Canada’s Prime Minister for a third term but with a minority government, meaning that he will once again need to work with other parties to pass new laws.

The outcome of this 36-day election was almost exactly the same as in 2019 for the Liberal leader, but that didn’t seem to bring him down. He smiled and gave a passionate victory speech in Montreal early on Tuesday morning.

“You are sending us back to work with a clear mandate to get Canada through this pandemic and to the brighter days ahead, and my friends, that’s exactly what we are ready to do,” he said.

“There are still votes to be counted, but what we’ve seen tonight is that millions of Canadians have chosen a progressive plan. Some have talked about division, but that’s not what I see. That’s not what I’ve seen these past weeks across the country. I see Canadians standing together, together in your determination to end this pandemic.”

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He called out the different priorities of his platform, which include climate action, $10 a day childcare, housing affordability, and reconciliation.

“As Canadians, you’ve elected parliamentarians to deliver on all of this, and our team, our government, is ready.”

As of early Tuesday morning, the Liberals hold 155 seats, the Conservatives 121 seats, NDP 27 seats, Bloc Québécois 33 seats, and The Green Party 2 seats.

Erin O’Toole also took to the podium to concede the 2021 election to Trudeau. “We must continue this journey to welcoming more Canadians to take another look at our party. More people voted for Canada’s Conservatives than any other party and that’s a strength to build on,” he said.  “Our support has grown across the country but clearly there’s more work for us to do to earn the trust of Canadians.”

It may not be much longer until Canadians head to the polls yet again. Another federal election is slated for 2023.