The leaves are turning orange, the air is getting crisp and pumpkin spice is back at Starbucks. It’s feeling a little more like fall every day – however, as any farmer or die-hard summer-Stan will tell you, there’s only one thing that can call wraps on the sunny season. The autumnal equinox!

Tonight, Tuesday, September 20th, point your peepers upwards and bask in the glow of the Harvest Moon, a cosmic event that signifies the official transition from beaches and bikinis to blankets and big scarves.

Though fall technically doesn’t start until the 22nd, this lunar milestone sees that Canadians get about 30 minutes of extra light before the nights get a little longer and the days get a little shorter.

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This may not seem significant to us, but long ago this actually allowed those working in the fields to continue plowing, tilling, and sowing for a little extra time before it was too dark to do so.

Now, though, not only is it just really pretty but it kind of gives us the go-ahead to start decorating, baking, and shopping for fall items – all of which is still pretty exciting, no?

To see it in all its spooky glory, check a window or take a walk anytime between 7:54 pm (EST) and tomorrow morning!

You won’t be able to miss it … unless it’s SUPER cloudy, so check it out!


When: Monday, September 20th
Time: 7:54 pm (EST)