Well, folks if you need a laugh today we sure have one. Apparently, in the fifth-grade beloved “Friends” actor Matthew Perry beat up the future Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. And now we’re wondering if that’s why Trudeau got into boxing.

Back in 2017,  Matthew Perry discussed his younger days with Jimmy Kimmel and that’s when this incident was brought up. It’s gained a little traction once again on Twitter, so we figured now would be as good a time as any to remind people that Chandler was tough as nails as a kid.

But get this, Perry was actually two years older than Trudeau so it looks like he might’ve had a bit of a mean streak in elementary school. Kids will be kids, right?

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Luckily for Perry, he doesn’t have to take all the blame because he tag-teamed Trudeau with his friend. And apparently, the attack on Justin Trudeau was because he was doing much better in a sport than Perry and his friend. So obviously the logical action was to beat him up.

Both parties ended up doing pretty well in the end. After all, one is a successful actor and the other, a Prime Minister. So we hope that they can all look back on this incident and laugh now. But let this be a reminder to pick on people your own size. Or just don’t pick on people at all. Have a great weekend!