It was a whole new world in Toronto over the weekend. Along with welcoming the first few days of spring, the city said hello to outdoor dining. As of Saturday morning, restaurants across town welcomed back their customers for the first time in months. It’s hard to believe mere weeks ago we were all but snowed in!

Of course, the new outdoor dining allowances come with some restrictions. It’s important to note that the change does NOT mean we’ve moved out of the grey zone in Ontario’s colour-coded framework. Rather, we’ve entered what many are calling a “modified lockdown” period.

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outdoor dining

Right now, patio dining in Toronto has tables limited to folks dining with members of their own household, with exceptions for people who live alone or caregivers. So no gathering with all your friends for patio drinks just yet! There are also reduced capacity regulations and mandatory signage on display.

Of course, those rules didn’t stop the city from flocking to all the Toronto patios in sight! A jaunt through any neighbourhood over the weekend would have brought you mask-to-mask (figuratively) with excited patrons enjoying all these restos have to offer.

As with pretty much everything that goes down in this city, Twitter had a lot to say about the situation:

As you can see, there are some pretty mixed reviews about the whole thing. But whether you’re pro-patio or against it, there’s no denying that the warm weather is something to celebrate.

Stay healthy, everyone!