Alright folks, autumn is for sure here and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So, we figured it’s time to make the most of the changing seasons and check out some amazing fall hikes around Vancouver. After all, you can get it all around the city- beautiful foliage, dense forests, and stunning vistas. Just keep reading, and you’ll see what we mean.

Here are some of the best fall hikes to go on around Vancouver.

Note: While we intentionally picked less difficult and more popular routes for you, fall hiking does come with new considerations. Know the weather, bring more gear than you think you need, and save yourself from that classic mid-hike anxiety we’ve all experienced.

Lindeman Lake Trail


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Located in the Chilliwack Provincial Park, the Lindeman Lake Trail is perhaps most beautiful in the fall. Wind your way through the forest on this out-and-back trail, with a gorgeous lake rewarding your efforts. At just 3.5km, this hike can be accomplished in only a couple of hours.

Where: Chilliwack Provincial Park
Length: 3.5km

Teapot Hill

Right beside Cultus Lake, Teapot Hill is one of those hikes where you won’t be bummed out if visibility isn’t great. Why? Because there are tons of actual teapots dotting the landscape on the trail, making what’s in front of you just as fun as what’s beyond.

Where: Cultus Lake Provincial Park
Length: 4.8km

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Addington Lookout Loop

Minnekhada Provincial Park is always a beautiful fall destination, and this series of trails let you see practically all of it. Enjoy the marshes, climb some hills, and keep on the lookout for wildlife! This is an absolute hotspot for those who like birds, so maybe even bring some binoculars with you.

Where: Minnekhada Provincial Park
Length: 6.9km

Lower Gold Creek Falls Trail

Sitting in the heart of Golden Ears Provincial Park, this trail is both nice to drive to and nice to actually walk. This is another heavily forested (and heavily trafficked) trail, but on clear days you’ll be rewarded with incredible views of the surrounding area. Plus, who doesn’t love waterfalls?

Where: Golden Ears Provincial Park
Length: 5.5km

Norvan Falls

One of the longest trails we’re recommending is also one that includes a waterfall! This iconic North Shore hike is between Grouse and Seymour, runs alongside a river, and ends with a very nice waterfall to take in. Plus, those looking for an extra challenge can opt for a side trail with more rugged terrain on the way out or coming back.

Where: Lynn Headwaters Regional Park
Length: 13.8km

Bowen Lookout and Saint Marks Summit

We can’t forget the third North Shore mountain! Kicking off at the base of Cypress, this trail offers incredible views of Bowen Island and the Howe Sound. Plus, not to get too lazy here or anything, but you don’t have to walk up a mountain first just to get started, and that’s a win for us on colder fall days.

Where: Cypress Provincial Park
Length: 12.2km

Mount Gardner Loop


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Maybe one weekend you see Bowen Island from away, and maybe one weekend you see it up close! This loop is the longest hike on the list, and is more or less a full day-trip including the ferry. But, find yourself there on a clear day, and you’ll be rewarded with incredible views of the area from a whole new perspective.

Where: Bowen Island
Length: 15.9km

Alright fellow outdoors enthusiasts, that’s our roundup of some of the best fall hikes to go on around Vancouver! Heck, maybe if it’s not raining this week you can get started sooner rather than later!