The height of luxury is available right now. Chocolate connoisseurs, get ready to lose your mind. Because the city’s most expensive box of chocolates is available today at Maison Busatti. This insane item is imported directly from Italy and is incredibly exclusive.

How exclusive, you ask? VERY. Only two were created for the Canadian market and one is already sold. So that means this box is literally one-of-a-kind. It’s called the Amedei Merida Trunk and it retails for $575. Whew, that price tag is no joke!

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If the name of this chocolate sounds familiar, it’s because it actually received a shoutout from none other than Alec Baldwin during an episode of 30 Rock. The box comes with that bar (the Amedei Porcelana), plus a selection of 11 other bars, pralines, and chocolate spreads crafted from the highest quality cocoa in the world.

If you’re feeling fancy, but not $575 worth of fancy, you can also nab the less expensive version of this decadent treat.  The Amedei Chocolate Meditation is available at the same store for only $45. Plus, you can purchase individual bars at a much lower price range.

So there you have it! Will you be the lucky purchaser who nabs this insanely exclusive box of chocolates? All of these delicious products are available for purchase online or in store.


Where: 136 Avenue Rd