Happy Friday, folks! Like clockwork, we’re here to help you start the weekend on the right foot, with a roundup of some good news stories from around Canada. After all, good things happen every day, and why not take a little time to see some notable examples? Of course, if you just see a cool ladybug on a lawn or something then that works too.

Here are 5 good news stories from around Canada this week.

A missing BC hiker was rescued after over two weeks

How’s this for a lucky bounce? A BC hiker that went missing some two weeks ago was found, thanks to a BC Wildfire helicopter unit. According to an RCMP press release, the hiker has returned to his family safely. Talk about an extended camping trip.

The Tokyo Olympics are being streamed for free

Shoutout to the CBC for making a serious amount of the games free to watch at home! Support Canadian athletes in a variety of sports, ranging from soccer and basketball to the classics, like shotput or other track & field events.

Two Canadian spots land of TIME list of the World’s Greatest Places

You don’t have to convince us that Canada is one of the greatest places in the world, but it’s always nice to see it get the nod. This year, Jasper and Winnipeg both made the list, with Jasper’s natural beauty and Winnipeg’s new Inuit-focused cultural centre launching them in there.

Canada’s sports teams are coming home

Some of the biggest outdoor sports teams in the country announced they were returning to Canada this week. Both the Toronto Blue Jays and the Vancouver Whitecaps (among others) are heading back to their home turf. What’s more- they’ll be back hosting games sooner rather than later!

Alex Trebek’s legacy was expanded

In honour of the iconic late Jeopardy! host, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society in Canada and the National Geographic Society have announced ‘The Trebek Initiative’. This ambitious new program will provide $400,000 to $500,000 a year to help Canadian explorers do their work. It’s a pretty fitting addition to the legacy, if you ask us!

Ok, readers! That’s our roundup of the best good news stories to come out of Canada this week. We hope at least one of them put a smile on your face!