Looking for some easy travel inspo? While we wait for the world to reopen, it’s always nice to see the latest list of the World’s Greatest Places from TIME. And, it’s even better when two spots on there are right here in Canada! Curious about which destinations made it this year? Keep reading.

Every year, TIME taps into its global staff of writers and correspondents to find the best towns, cities, regions, and even countries to check out and enjoy. It truly is a global list- this year, the picks range from Antarctica to Memphis, and Bolivia to Estonia.

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And, not one but two Canadian spots are on there. First off is one area we’re not surprised to see make it- Jasper, Alberta. Described by time as Canada’s ‘cabin capital’ (look out, Muskoka!), the area got a shout for things like Maligne Canyon and Jasper National Park, naturally.

The second spot surprised us a little- it’s Winnipeg, Manitoba! That’s right, the prairie city was singled out thanks to the massive new Qaumaajuq museum at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. And, inside, there is now the largest collection of Inuit art in the world, at some 14,000 pieces strong.

Alright folks, now that you know what the world’s greatest places are according to TIME, are you changing your road trip plans? Whatever you do, stay safe and have fun out there!