While it was bound to happen, the provincial government announced a new state of emergency in BC on Wednesday afternoon. If you’re curious about how it might affect yourself or those you care about, then we’ve got all the relevant details (up to the time of writing). Let’s check it out.

The announcement is in light of the recent extreme weather to hit the province, which has resulted in road closures, supply chain disruptions and evacuations. Almost 18,000 people around the province have been evacuated so far, with close to 10,000 properties either receiving an Evacuation Order or Alert.

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So, the state of emergency gives various government agencies ‘extraordinary power’ to ensure that these issues are handled as best as possible. These measures may include road closures and travel advisories, and are intended to residents stay safe and help supply chains stay intact.

The state of emergency will be in effect for the next 2 weeks at least, as the province starts to rebuild both transportation networks and communities affected by the storm. For more information, including relevant advisories for specific communities, head to the BC government website.