Earth Day is here folks! The official date is of course April 22nd but we think every day is a reason to celebrate the earth. And there are actually several events happening throughout the week. Not to mention there are many things you can simply do anytime. So here are some ways to celebrate Earth Day in Seattle this year.

Go for a trash walk in your neighborhood

If you’re already going for walks we highly recommend bringing a pair of gloves and a trash bag with you. You can pick up trash that you see along your walk. And if you walk with friends or family you can even turn it into a game of who can collect the most trash. Obviously, don’t pick up anything that could harm you.

2021 King County Master Gardener Online Plant Sale

Green thumbs, this one is for you. If you’re ready to have the best garden this spring and summer then you need to check out the King County Master Gardener Plant Sale. You’ll be able to shop for herbs, heirloom vegetables, and much more.

When: Until April 27th
Where: Online
Cost: Varies

Meaningful Movies: 2040

If you want to tune into a movie this week you can check out Damon Gameau’s 2040. The film is a documentary about climate change solutions. And the final screening of the film will also feature special guest King County Executive, Dow Constantine.

When: Until April 25th
Where: Online
Cost: Free

Build Your Own Terrarium Pop up

This one is just kind of for fun but if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to build your own terrarium you can do just that at this cute event happening at The Works. You’ll get to design it yourself and also learn how best to take care of it. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or just a fun plant friend to have around the house.

When: April 22nd
Where: 151 12th Ave
Cost: $10

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Bellevue Tree Giveaway

If you happen to live in the eastside you can snag a free tree on Earth Day! However, you do need to register in advance. And the whole point of taking the tree is to replant it in your yard. Because Bellevue has a goal of reaching 40% tree canopy coverage within the next 30 years.

When: April 22nd
Where: Bellevue College, 3000 Landerholm Cir SE, Bellevue, WA
Cost: Free

Check out the Beacon Food Forest

This amazing initiative is a testament to what an idea can become. The Food Forest is a unique slice of the city where produce and more is grown and free for the public to pick. If you visit and end up loving it, we highly recommend that you consider volunteering your time.

Where: Within Jefferson Park

Earth Day at the Arboretum

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a work party at the Arboretum. You’ll get to work with other earth lovers to do tasks like remove invasive species and mulch plant beds. Plus you’ll really be able to appreciate the Arboretum after you see the level of upkeep that’s required to keep it so beautiful.

When: April 24th
Where: 2300 Arboretum Dr. E
Cost: Free

Creating a Pollinator Paradise

Of course, a big part of what keeps our natural environment so beautiful is our bees! So if you’d like to learn how to create a pollinator-friendly garden you can tune into this super fun event. Plus it’s another way to support the Beacon Food Forest.

When: April 24th
Where: Online
Cost: $35

Plant & Garden Share

Every second Saturday you can get in on a plant share run by the Beacon Hill Garden Club. So all you have to do is bring your extra bedding plants and veggie starts. Seriously it’s a great way to connect with fellow green thumbs and also grab some new plants!

When: Second Saturday of each month
Where: 2533 16th Ave S
Cost: Free/Bring a plant to swap

Whether you’re in the house or getting out, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Earth Day in Seattle this year. And remember doing things like buying less packaged groceries or trying to up your recycling game can have a big impact. So see what you can do to make a difference and have a happy Earth Day!