It’s time for a weekly rundown of good news from across Canada, and this one comes with a mix of entertaining tidbits and widespread measures that Canadians have been waiting on for some time.

So, take a seat and enjoy these good news stories from the last week.

Adele’s new video was directed by Canada’s Xavier Dolan

In case you haven’t seen it, Adele has a new music video out. And its director is an indie-darling from the Great White North. Xavier Dolan is famous for his singular vision, style and for directing lots of feature films and even Adele’s video for “Hello.” It’s definitely worth checking out for both the music and the video.

Canada’s non-essential travel advisory is now over

Well, it sounds like vacation time is in our future. That’s right, Canada now has no qualifiers on the essential-ness of your next trip out of the country. This means you can now head out of Canada for a vacation! Of course, there are some caveats still, such as vaccine passports and the ilk. But this is just such awesome news!

Canadian companies are adopting the 4-day work week

Heck, speaking of Fridays. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Fridays were Thursdays? We sure think so. And a lot of businesses in Canada agree with us. Several tech companies across the country are starting to take on the 3 day weekend after a recent report that outlined its benefits. Worker satisfaction? More productivity? An extra day off? Count us in!

Canada has a new proof of vaccination system in place for travel

Like we’ve already mentioned, travel is becoming more and more of a thing in Canada. And our new vaccine passport system is one of the main ways that travel is staying safe. To travel around Canada and abroad, you’ll need to apply for your vaccine proof. But, there’s a bit more to it than that, so check it out.

They’re bringing back the nostalgic Fisher-Price Chatter Phone

Remember that thing? We remember pretending to call friends, family, and even Batman on it. It looks like we’ll soon be able to relive those memories. Because The Chatter Phone is getting a modern, Bluetooth-enabled update. Yes, you’ll be able to make REAL phone calls on that toy from your childhood. Is there anything more ideal?

And, with the beginning of the weekend, we give you the end of the good news round-up from across Canada. We hope that these gave you a smile, a tidbit of interesting news, or just a positive feeling deep inside. Because we know that everyone needs some good news in their life every once and a while.

Have a great weekend!