Friday. The day of Fri. Vendredi. The end of the week. Whatever it is you want to call it, it’s something we all look forward to because it’s the day of good news.

Folks, it’s Friday and that means that we got a rundown of all the best good news from across the country. We got celebs, wacky stories and a whole bunch more. So, sit back, put your feet up and enjoy some good news straight to your brain.

Health Canada renamed all the vaccines and we’re all confused about their name choices

In case you missed it, Health Canada renamed the three vaccines and the names are a bit interesting, to say the least. The name change was because all three are now fully approved by Health Canada. And yes, some legitimate worries were brought up about what this does to the public perception of the vaccines. But, some tweets about it were absolutely hilarious. With names as weird as Comirnaty, SpikeVax, and Vaxzevria, it’s hard not to crack wise about them.

The University of Toronto is offering some free classes this year

Education is something that you can’t get too much of. And, to aid in your self-betterment, U of T is offering some free, online courses for anyone with an internet connection. Very cool.  There are a whole bunch of courses you can check out if you’re interested, from app development to gender analytics. And all you need to do is pay a small fee to get access to them all. Now go and educate yourself!

A cryptocurrency billionaire from Ontario was listed as one of TIME’s most influential people of 2021

And, he’s the only Canadian on the list. Vitalik Buterin who’s been involved in the world of crypto for many years emigrated to Canada from Russia with his family as a young boy. Then, after excelling in school, and then dropping out of the University of Waterloo, he has started a crypto fortune with Etherium valued at over $1 billion. Hey, if you’re reading this Vitalik, feel free to send us some money!

Canadians at the MET Gala were serving some looks

If you’re a fan of fashion, glitz, and glamour, the MET Gala is a mecca. And, some Canadian celebs were killing it with their outfits this year. For example,  Dan Levy’s queer-inspired look was super awesome. But we also appreciate the classic, stylish looks of Justin Bieber and Elliot Page. The whole event had some other amazing fits from Canadians, so check it out.

There’s a new list of the best Airbnb hosts in all of Canada

A host can make or break an Airbnb experience. So, if you’re planning your next trip and you want a sure-fire good host, Airbnb has put a list just for you. Hosts across the provinces and the Yukon were ranked on their visitor ratings in cleanliness, check-ins, and communications. Take a look at the list and start planning your next trip.

We hope this rundown of good news made your ‘best day of the workweek’ even better. Hey, maybe you even cracked a smile at this stuff! We sure did while writing it.

Now go and have a great weekend!