The Health Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccines we all know today as Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca now have new names. The public health agency announced on Thursday that the three vaccines have been rebranded with new names that have more than a few people scratching their heads.

“The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine will now be named Comirnaty, the Moderna vaccine will be named SpikeVax, and the AstraZeneca vaccine will be named Vaxzevria,” Health Canada said in a tweet. “These are only name changes. There are no changes to the vaccines themselves.”

Not everyone’s on board with the name changes, including the Toronto-based infectious diseases expert Dr. Isaac Bogoch. He fired back at Health Canada’s tweet and we’d be lying if we said it didn’t make us chuckle.

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Some of the other tweets are just too good not to share. Here are the highlights:

Other people are raising more serious questions about the name change and don’t find it too amusing.

You might be wondering, what the heck does “Comirnaty” even mean? Health Canada told CBC that the name is a combination of “COVID-19, mRNA, community, and immunity.” We give them an A for effort.