Whether the sun is shining or it’s pouring rain, a donut is one of the easiest ways to brighten up just about any day. After all, this city is filled to the brim with delicious options! Not unlike a jelly-filled donut on a weekend morning, not that we think about it all the time, or anything.

And before we get any flak from our readers, we know that technically the correct spelling is ‘doughnut’. But honestly, to us, doughnut is like an unnecessarily upgraded version of an already decent, more straightforward word. Ok, we’re getting off-topic, but you need to know that we know.

Here are 11 spots to get the best donuts in Vancouver.

Their There


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We’ve been so hyped up about Their There that we wrote an article just to talk about the specialty flavours. Turns out, if you want our attention, all you have to do is put ‘Froot Loops’, ‘Mochi’ and ‘Donuts’ together and actually bring the flavour to back it up. Word to the wise- this sounds relatively easy, but boy howdy do we know a lot of TLC goes into each donut here.

Where: 2042 W 4th Avenue


A relatively new name in the city, Mello has opted for a pretty specific type of donut- brioche, and essentially all the filled versions. What that means for us is an array of some delicious flavours, ranging from London Fog to Black Sesame and classic Strawberry. Pro tip- you get a pretty serious discount buying a half-dozen, so maybe take these to your next small dinner party as dessert.

Where: 223 E Pender Street



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Mochido is actually the newest name on this list, having only opened earlier this year! They’ve already made some waves thanks to their super interesting ‘mochi donut’, which is like a bunch of little interconnected balls. We have to admit, these folks might get the nod for ‘coolest looking’ on our list of best donuts in Vancouver.

Where: 8811 Laurel Street

Lee’s Donuts

Lee’s Donuts is a Vancouver icon, and for very good reason. Sitting prominently in the Granville Island Public Market, they’ve been a must-try spot for tourists, residents and celebrities alike for decades. And, we saw more collaborative efforts from them these past few months than ever before. Using your status to help nearby and local businesses? Now that’s a great move.

Where: 1689 Johnston Street

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Lucky’s Doughnuts

Next up we’ve got a couple of spots we’ll call modern classics. This longtime brand from 49th Parallel is no joke, turning out a variety of amazing donuts using all kinds of doughs. Personally, our preferences are their old-fashioned and yeast-based donuts. And specifically, we can’t help but go back to the PB&J option, which is honestly done to perfection.

Where: Multiple locations in Vancouver


On the flipside, Cartems has, in our minds, become the top dog of cake donuts. We seriously don’t think we’ve had a better one in our lives than their Earl Grey option, at least for our preferences. What’s more, we also won’t hesitate to say that they’ve got some of the best vegan donuts in Vancouver to boot, especially since there’s an Earl Grey version of that, too.

Where: Multiple locations in Vancouver

Swiss Bakery

Swiss Bakery gets a spot on this list for one specific reason- their ‘frissant’. This cross between a fritter donut and a croissant is unlike anything else you’ll try in the city, and is oh so worth it. And, as if the frissant alone isn’t enough, you get to choose a filling for inside there. Right now, we’re particularly curious about the passion fruit mousse option.

Where: 143 East 3rd Avenue

Duffin’s Donuts

We couldn’t write a list of the best donuts in Vancouver without including this absolute titan. We’re not going to sit here and say it’s off the charts, flavour-wise. But, there’s no denying that Duffin’s is a magical place in Vancouver, has a tremendous range of donuts to choose from, and the best value in the city by far. If you don’t go to Duffin’s once a year, then you need to rethink why you’re in Vancouver in the first place. We’re sorry, but it’s true.

Where: 1391 East 41st Avenue

Breka Bakery


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Breka is more than a tourist spot and a late-night study option for university students. For 15 years now, the bakery has been serving great donuts (starting at $1.50) alongside a whole bunch of other reasonably priced items. But, this is a donut list, and they deserve a spot on here. We’ll also admit that for a post-concert donut (whenever that actually happens) finding a Breka outpost is usually easier than making the trek to Duffin’s.

Where: Multiple locations in Vancouver

Harmony Donut Shop

These last two picks are technically more the best donuts in Metro Vancouver, but we’re including them. Harmony Donut Shop has become an absolute must-visit spot for everyone trying to complete this city’s donut tour. Selling out almost daily, Harmony has built a name for itself on some truly amazing cake donuts, and is well worth the trek to Lonsdale Avenue. Or, pick them up after a quick hike in the North Shore!

Where: 2945 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver

Honey Doughnuts

Speaking of treks, Honey Doughnuts has become pretty much synonymous with day trips to Deep Cove. Our advice? Grab a couple of their amazing options before you head to a nearby trail, so you can eat it mid-way instead of it being the only thing on your mind on the walk back. Then hey, if you loved it so much you need another, you can always double down in a day!

Where: 4373 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver

Royal City Donuts

Last but not least is an amazing, pickup-only spot that started in New West but is now available in a few different cities. The closest to Vancouver? The Burnaby location, which offers pickup every Saturday and Sunday. There’s a reason these guys sell out most weeks- do you want to find out for yourself?

Where: 5279 Still Creek Ave A5, Burnaby

Alright folks, that’s our guide to the spots to get the best donuts in Vancouver! We hope it serves you well whenever you’re craving a sweet treat.