We’re thinking of treating ourselves this weekend, and we’ve got one place in mind. That’s because we just saw the new Froot Loop Mochi donuts now available at Their There, and we’re beyond intrigued. Yeah, we’re compelled enough to write a whole article about this Vancouver bakery, here’s why.

An offshoot of the Kitsilano gem AnnaLena, Their There first opened its doors back in 2018, and quickly became a must-visit spot in its own right. In addition to the baked goods, Their There offers an array of sandwiches (by the way, the breakfast options made our list of Vancouver’s best sandwich spots). As for drinks- think of the classic coffee options and tea, and you’ve pretty much got it covered.

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But, our focus today is on their sweeter side, and specifically the donuts. We’ll be the first to admit that right alongside ice cream, the donut game in Vancouver is a ruthless one. We’re not complaining, since the names that rise to the top here deserve it. And boy, does Their There deserve a place.

Basically, the bakery uses two kinds of dough to create a vast array of cake and yeast-based donuts, plus a healthy range of crullers as well. So basically, you can experience the donut trifecta if you time your visit right. However, we usually focus on their rotating special offers.

Because honestly, how good does a Froot Loops Mochi donut sound (and look, by the way) on a warm weekend morning? Yeah, we think we just talked ourselves into it.

Their There

Where: 2042 W 4th Avenue
Options: Takeout/Delivery Available