Stomach growling for breakfast? Vancouver has plenty of options that are as delicious as they are affordable. So the next time you’re wandering around the city in search of the best ‘bang for your buck,’ consider stopping at one of these 12 spots for cheap breakfast in and around Vancouver.

Bon’s Off Broadway

We’re starting off with one of the most affordable breakfast spots in Vancouver by far. Bon’s is a graffiti art-adorned hole-in-the-wall offering a classic breakfast of eggs, ham, and hashbrowns for just $3 – an amazing value – and if you play your cards right, you could have breakfast & a beer for $5.

Of course, there are plenty of other menu options that aren’t quite as cheap but affordable and delicious nonetheless.

Where: 2451 Nanaimo Street

Northern Cafe 

This family-run cafe & greasy spoon is the perfect spot to enjoy some all-day breakfast options. A classic breakfast of two eggs, hash browns, toast, and choice of two meats starts at $11, as do cheese omelets and three large pancakes. Almost all of their other breakfast menu items are $15, which means there are plenty of tasty options to choose from.

Where: 1640 East Kent Avenue South

Marulilu Cafe 


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Switching gears a bit, Marulilu Cafe serves up delicious Japanese fare for breakfast, including specialty sandwiches like the Katsu-Curry Sandwich ($13) and Japanese Style Breakfasts with grilled wild salmon, Japanese omelet, rice, miso soup, natto, tofu, oshinko, and nori – all for $16.

Where: 451 West Broadway

The Basic 

Like the name, this breakfast spot is a great option if you’re seeking a quick, affordable, and tasty meal. All their breakfast items (ranging from $14 to $22) come with pan-fried potatoes and toast. With locations on Denman, Davie, and Main Street, The Basic has you covered.

Where: Multiple locations

Deacon’s Corner Main Street


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With two locations in Vancouver, Deacon’s Corner started in Gastown in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. The food is a little more upscale here, but the menu items are great ‘bangs for your buck.’ A case in point is the classic Two Egg breakfast, which comes with hash browns, toast, grilled tomato, and your choice of bacon, ham, or french toast – all for $12.

Where: 101 Main Street

Evelyn’s Cafe & Bistro 

All-day breakfast for just under $12 at most? Sign us up! Evelyn’s Cafe & Bistro offers diners a ton of tasty Western and traditional Chinese fare at a price that will have your wallet jumping for joy. Definitely a hidden gem in Kitsilano if there ever was one!

Where: 2176 West Broadway

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The Templeton


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With french toast for $13, buttermilk pancakes for $14, and a ton of savoury breakfast plates (eggs benny, omelettes, etc) ranging from $14 to $17 – The Templeton is a great spot for quality breakfast at a great price point. In fact, the diner won an outstanding achievement award from the BC heritage society back in 1997 and has been around since 1934 under various names. All-day breakfast in one of the most historic buildings in the city? Sign us up!

Where: 1087 Granville Street

Argo Cafe


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Sitting just off Main Street and 2nd Ave, Argo Cafe came under new ownership in 2004 and has been shining ever since. A classic diner with a wide variety of fusion dishes, Argo definitely has something for everyone. Keep it simple with a burger and a side of soup, or go for broke with one of their daily specials.

Where: 1836 Ontario Street

Cafe Zen 

One of our personal fave spots on this list, Cafe Zen is the perfect place to stop in for early breakfast before a walk on the beach. Indulge in the Early Bird Special for $12 until 10 am (two eggs, hashbrowns, toast, bacon/sausage/ham) or opt for one of their delicious breakfast burritos, bagel melts, bennies, omelettes, or scrambles.

Where: 1631 Yew Street

Lucy’s Eastside Diner


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Lucy’s is pretty much a Main Street fixture at this point – and is widely recognized across Metro Van as one of the best places for boozy milkshakes and fried eats. Our suggestion? Stop in for some early breakfast after a night out – their all-day & night breakfast special consists of two eggs, toast, hash browns, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or ham for $16.50.

Where: 2708 Main Street

Helen’s Grill 

Situated in Mount Pleasant, Helen’s Grill has a ton of hearty yet affordable options when it comes to all-day breakfast, including specialty omelettes, eggs benny, pancakes, and more. The best deal on the menu? Their Simple Hearty Plate with two eggs, homemade hash browns or tomatoes, and toast for $14.

Where: 4102 Main Street

Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe

Last but certainly not least, we come to Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe. Open since 1988, Sophie’s is a favourite amongst the university crowd and has certainly earned its spot amongst the best diners in Vancouver. Sitting on West 4th, this spot has a great interior and a nice patio for summer brunch. It’s so kitschy that it’s fun, and the food is as filling as it is tasty.

Where: 2095 West 4th Avenue

And that’s a wrap on some cheap breakfast options in Vancouver, everyone. We hope you get the chance to try out multiple new spots in the coming weeks.