Toronto foodies, listen up. We know that the dining game has been less than ideal for the past little while. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still eat our way through the city. There are still tons of tasty spots open for takeout, and some of our favourite hidden gems will never disappoint. Sometimes it’s nice to get off the beaten path and try a lesser-known or underrated food spot. Which is why we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of a bunch of our favourites.

Here are 11 hidden gems to order takeout from in Toronto.


This little spot in Yorkville may not stand out from the outside, but inside it’s a whole new world. They’ve got loads of delicious sushi rolls available at pretty unbeatable prices. You can stop by and pick up a delicious snack, lunch, or dinner, without breaking the bank.

Where:  154 Cumberland St


There’s nothing like the comforting warmth of a good old plate of dumplings. When it comes to these tasty eats, no one does it quite like Mother’s Dumplings. Stop by to choose from their long list of boiled, steamed, or pan-fried dumplings. Plus, there are loads of other tasty treats like pork buns or General Tso chicken. Yum!

Where: 421 Spadina Ave

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hidden gems

Okay, so we know the graffiti on this place’s outer wall may be famous, but we think the adorable coffee house inside is severely underrated. Their brews are smooth and velvety every time. Plus, they have loads of delicious food items on the menu as well. We recommend getting a takeout brunch, complete with their Atlantic Lox bagel, a breakfast brew, and a pastry on the side. Oh, and you can stop and get an Insta pic in front of their outdoor mural while you’re there.

Where: 101 Spadina Ave


Looking for that cutesy diner vibe to top off your weekend? Head on over to Avenue Diner. This little spot has all the best diner classics. We’re talking milkshakes, brunch items, burgers, and more. Plus, you’ll get to check out their adorable coke-bottle vibes when you stop in to pick-up your food.

Where: 222 Davenport Rd


Speaking of brunch, this spot’s another great go-to pick! They’re located right in the heart of Little Italy and they’ve got loads of great easy eats to make your week complete. Their takeout menu is stacked with delicious options like their breakfast burrito or sweet potato quesadillas. Plus, they have a killer patio if you decide you want to stay awhile.

Where: 586 College St


hidden gems

Who doesn’t love a freshly made pizza with all the fixings? Maker Pizza has got you covered. This delicious little spot has all kinds of pizza flavours right at your fingertips. From Siena Margherita to Napoli Dynamite to Dr Pepperoni. This place has got it all.

Where: 59 Cameron St


Add Polish eats to your lineup at this tasty takeout spot. The menu is stacked with all kinds of delicious goods, but where they really shine is their pierogis. Seriously, you’ve gotta try them. These authentic tasty bites can be orders ready-to-eat, or in bulk to stock up your freezer with. Just what we need to get us through the winter!

Where: 195 Roncesvalles Ave


Think you’ve already tried Toronto’s best Thai eats? Think again. This hidden gem is full of delicious small plates, cocktails, and craft beers. Yeah, yeah you can’t enjoy them in house. But although their dishes may be little, they pack a big punch. So they’re more than worth pickup up to go.

Where: 11 Charlotte St


Head over to the Beaches to experience authentic Indian eats like no other. This spot’s head chef has over 30 years of experience brining delicious flavours to the city, so you already know it’s gonna be good. Their best dishes have got to be the Tandoori Chicken, Aloogobi Masala, or a classic veggie samosa.

Where: 1966 Queen St E


hidden gems

This spot may be unassuming from the outside, but we promise it’s worth a visit. Golden Turtle has an unbeatable menu full of scrumptious, traditional, Vietnamese cuisine. We can’t get enough of their deep friend spring rolls, crispy egg noodles, or one of their comforting bowls of Pho.

Where: 125 Ossington Ave


You’ll have to venture out to Scarborough for this spot, but we promise it’s worth the trip. Johnny’s Hamburgers has been serving up eats in the city for 50 delicious years! Their specialty is, of course, burgers. Which they charcoal broil to order. If you’re in the mood to sink your teeth into some serious flavour, this is the spot for you.

Where: 2595 Victoria Park Ave

Happy dining, everyone! Let us know which of these delicious hidden gems is your favourite.