Wild Rose Country has some phenomenal things to see, but is it really necessary to walk for hours to experience them? For those who have embraced ‘sloth girl summer,’ luckily the answer is no! This sunny season, check out Hard Luck Canyon, a magical spot where you can keep things light and enjoy a picturesque picnic.

Located about 20 minutes from Whitecourt, Alberta, this stunning 1 km hike is just as enchanting as it is simple and won’t leave you with sore legs, a burning booty, or any blisters.

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Now yes, it is very short, but if you only have a day to explore both the surrounding area of Edmonton and Woodland Country, this gorgeous stroll is a perfect way to see and do everything you set your mind to!

Want to check it out? The trailhead for Hard Luck can is clearly marked with information and a nifty little map that will help you on your way.


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Whether it’s photos of the stairs, the cute wooden bridge, or the cascading waterfall we can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the views from start to finish.

Pack a picnic lunch, comfortable shoes, and jet off with a charged phone, because it’s going to be quite a pleasant little journey!


Where: Hard Luck Canyon – Directions here