Sure you could steep a hot one at home, but would that leave you feeling accomplished? In your parent’s day, they had to hike uphill, in the snow, both ways to have a cup of earl grey – or at least that’s what they like to tell us. Show them up by checking out the ‘secret’ Lake Agnes Tea House in Alberta – a cozy mountain retreat that requires its visitors to really work for their herbals.

Located 3.5 kilometres from Alberta’s Lake Louise, rests a quaint (cash only) waterfront cabin with a stunning view, over 100 different teas, decadent desserts and comfort food just like momma used to make.

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The only catch? Guests will either have to rent a horse or on foot, but don’t let that scare you! This can be done by almost anyone who is ready and willing to take on the moderate hike.

To get there, just take the Lakeshore Trail from the Chateau Lake Louise hotel, keep your eye out for the Lake Agnes Trail,  then PASS the Plain of Six Glaciers, cross the horse trail and continue on until you see Mirror Lake.

Eventually, you’ll hit a flight of stairs, which is the last challenge before finding the house.

After you’ve conquered it all, take the afternoon, enjoy the fresh air, a few cups of your favourite tea and then head back down. It makes the perfect day trip!

We promise you, it’ll quite literally be the best hot beverage you’ve ever had.


When: Open between June 4th and October 10. (Closes on Thanksgiving until June)
Where: Directions here 
Time: 8 am – 5 pm