We may not have any mountains to hike here in the Toronto area, but the Hamilton Mountain Steps are the next best thing.

These challenging staircases will get your heart pumping but don’t worry, you’ll be rewarded with some beautiful views.

There are five staircases in total that you can tackle in the city of Hamilton — the Chedoke Stairs, Dundurn Stairs, James Stairs,  Wentworth Stairs, and Kenilworth Stairs.

On each of these staircases, you’ll be climbing your way up the majestic Niagara Escarpment.

The staircases range from 227 steps to 498 steps each — the shortest set of stairs is James and the longest is Wentworth, according to the Hamilton Public Library.

The library says that there were originally seven sets of city-built stairs up the escarpment.

Only five remain today, with an additional privately built staircase.

These steps have been refurbished throughout the years with new materials to ensure that they’re safe for the public to use.

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The staircases also connect to other hiking trails around Hamilton.

For example, the Kenilworth steps connect the East Mountain to the Escarpment Rail Trail/Bruce Trail and continue to Hamilton’s Rosedale neighbourhood.

The James steps begin at Southam Park on the mountain at the top of the Claremont Access.

There are some fascinating sights worth seeing in the Hamilton area, including the opulent Dundurn Castle on the waterfront. 

There are also a number of conservation areas with historic ruins, like the Hermitage Gatehouse and Crooks Hollow Conservation Area.

We need not mention that Hamilton is Ontario’s city of waterfalls, and there are countless cascades to see in the area, including Websters Falls, Tiffany Falls,  and Tew Falls.

Who knew that the city of Hamilton had so many exciting outdoor destinations within its borders?!