Up, up, and away! Take your autumn adventures to new heights with this exhilarating hot air balloon ride in Ontario.

These sunset trips are offered by Skyward Balloons, which is said to be “Canada’s most reputable hot air balloon company.”

Operated by Transport Canada-approved commercial pilots, you’ll be in good hands as you’re whisked up into the clouds on this colourful vessel.

Towering at over 10 stories tall, these balloons are a sight to behold.

As part of your excursion, you’ll get to watch the whimsical balloon inflate before your eyes as you’re given your pre-flight briefing.

Once it’s ready to go, you’ll board the gondola and soar!

These balloons can fly anywhere from 500 to 3,000 feet, giving you a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the landscape below.

“You will drift above the beautiful countryside, where you will experience sights like you’ve never seen,” says Skyward Balloons.

“See wildlife in their natural habitat as the wind gently carries you over forests, ponds, and lakes.”

Timed perfectly for sunset, you’ll be treated to those unbeatable golden-hour views.

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And with the fall foliage on full display, these panoramic vistas will leave you speechless!

As part of the experience, the hot air balloon will float down to graze the tree tops and corn fields.

Once you land and disembark, you’ll be treated to a complimentary sparkling beverage celebration, “the oldest of ballooning traditions,” says Skyward Balloons.

Then, your pilot will hand over your signed and dated flight certificate as a keepsake of your adventure.

There are a number of different ride options you can choose, as long as the conditions are right for takeoff.

You can fly at sunset or sunrise, which vary slightly in price based on the day of the week.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion with your special someone, you can book the private charter Sweetheart Flight.

Whatever trip you choose, you’re bound to have an unforgettable experience on this hot air balloon ride in Ontario.

Bon voyage!

Skyward Balloons Hot Air Balloon Rides

Where: 1075 Bo De Lane, St Jacobs
Cost: $250+ per person, $1,295+ per Sweetheart Flight